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Are You Ready To Give Your Audience Engaging Videos?
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Make Your Videos Stand Out From The Crowd With The Same Personalized Video Funnel Technology Used By :

With Interactive Video Suite you can:

Deliver perfectly targeted Sales Pitches

Talk One to One with your Customers based on their Responses

Massively increase your Conversions by showing what your customers want to see

Destroy your Video Drop off Forever

No more Falling Engagement Figures


Moonis Ali

Interactive Video Software is a very innovative software. I love how it has given me so many options to play with. I am using this software on my lead pages and it has helped me progress better. I Hope it Increase your Productivity just like it has increased mine.

Rohan Chaudhari

I saw the technology and I saw the features. And I literally knew that it is a game changer. Multiple funnels inside Video is something never heard of.

Roshni Dhal

The era of old and dull videos is over. It’s high time to give our customers a personalized experience, Interactive Video Suite does exactly the same.

Vipul Garg

Being someone running a marketing automation sidekick SaaS company, I have always seen a need for a tool like this among our clients and campaigns ourselves. The idea of putting personalisations & behavioural responses in the videos is a total game-changer.

Are You Ready To Give Your Audience Engaging Videos?

Top Features & Benefits of Interactive Video Suite

Show Personalised Video to your every Visitor

One of the reasons why Email Marketing or FB Personalised ads are successful is because they are personalised. With IVS you can show personalised choice based content to your every visitor. More personalisation means more chances of converting your every visitor.

Create Engaging Videos that converts more

Use layers in powerful combinations (or as unique standalone CTAs) to keep your audience glued to your marketing message.

Create Multiple Video Funnels inside Video

Funnels work everywhere. And now for the first time you can create Video Funnels inside Video.

Impart Actionable 3D Layer over your Video

You can put a High Quality HD Class 3D Layer over your Video. 3D Layer looks classy and give Quality look to your Marketing Message inside Video.

Impart Personalised Button over Videos

For the first time you can put personalised Buttons over your Video to send them to any URL of your choice based on the choice of your visitors.

This will give choice to your visitors to go to the personalised page which they want to see first.

Impart Personalised Text over Videos

Your can add personalised text over the video. Personalisation content is always known to convert more. This will increase the conversion percentage of your website.

Impart Personalised Static Image over Videos

Show creativity by showing Hyperlinked Static Image over your Video. Show your logo, Product Image, Animation character, Mascot, Multiple Product Images, etc to increase your Brand Authority and also will let your customers to make an informed choice based on their selection.

Impart Personalised Hotspot over Videos

Personalised Hotspot is the Newest Trend and it is the coolest part in the complete Marketing Video Funnels that you will create. Your visitors will be Thrilled to see Personalised Hotspots over Video.

Deliver perfectly targeted Sales Pitches

by getting your viewer to give you information and tailoring the pitch they get, you’ll be more closer to address all their concerns

Talk One to One with your Customers based on their Responses

by having a CONVERSATION with your viewer, you can keep them hooked from the first second to the last

Track your customers with pinpoint accuracy:

Interactive Video Suite is the ONLY software that lets you see how every individual segment of your video is performing

YOU DON’T NEED VIDEO -You need Engaging Videos

But with "Over 400 Hours of videos uploaded to youtube every minute."

it's very easy for your videos to get lost in the crowd.

The one reason your videos aren't converting (and please allow me to be frank here)....

They're boring. And boring videos don't convert. And I don't mean that your product is boring. or even your content.


Your Videos HAVE To Make An Impact

They HAVE To Stand Out

They HAVE To Engage

Gettig your prospects & customers to " interact" with your videos is essential to stand out from the competition

"Consumers Are Expecting More Than Just Ordinary Videos Now So You Need To Get Creative." - FORBES

If You’re Going To Get Attention, You’ve Got To Be On The Cutting Edge.



If You Don’t Flow With Current Trend,
Your Business
May See Downfall

Welcome To Interactive Video Suite

Interactive Video Suite unique technology lets you Enhance customer interaction and build a solid, scalable, reliable video marketing business…

Plus – FOR 3 DAYS ONLY we’re Offering you access to the TruTrackr advanced tracking suite.

See How it Works

90 Seconds Challenge Video

Are You Ready To Give Your Audience Engaging Videos?

Step by Step Process Of Using Interactive Video Suite

Step 1 - Add/Upload your Videos

The first step of the process is to upload one’s videos. You can either upload the videos to Youtube or use free tier account of Amazon S3 account (Tutorials included). Once you have all the parts of the Videos in Interactive Video Suite, it’s time to edit the videos for Interaction Layers

Step 2 - Add an Interaction Layer

Once you have loaded the videos, select the video which will be the starting point of the Video Funnel. Now on the timestamp of your choice Add an Interaction Layer that will segment the audience and personalise the funnel for the viewers.

Step 3 - Add Elements on the Layer

Now it’s time to add elements like Call to Action Buttons, Text, Clickable Images, Static Images or Hotspots to your Interaction Layers. Based on your Choice you can either direct the element on click to the next part of the Video Funnel or you can direct them to a certain page of your choice like a Landing page or an Optin Page

Step 4 - Project Settings

Once you have created all the Interaction layers and set up the elements, it’s time to do the basic project settings like Project Font, it’s thumbnail, Chose if you would like a responsive video and the most important part - serve it over http or https based on the domain preference.

Step 5 - Publish and Get the Embed Code

After the Project settings, just hit the Publish Button and Interactive Video Suite will get to work its magic. Once done, you will get an Embed code, which you can use it to publish it over your own Landing Pages, Membership Websites, Affiliate Pages and more.

Step 6 - Analyse your Videos

Any part of Online Marketing cannot be complete without tracking, Track the stats of your Videos like total views, unique views, conversions if any based on the conversion pixels you use. Total Revenue that the video made and many other important metrics that will help you to take smart optimisation decisions to increase the ROI of your business.

Step 7 - Use Smart Tru Tracker Events

Interactive Video Suite enabling you to track the effectiveness of each interactive layer and further optimise the individual elements for maximum ROI.


If you have any technical issues while using Interactive Video Suite and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we'll give you 100% of your money back. Our money back guarantee applies to technical issues only - other than that, all sales are final.

We do not offer a no-questions asked refund. You will need to provide a valid reason for requesting one. Our team has a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues they have so you're extremely safe & your purchase is protected.

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Built in Behavioural Dynamic Response Video Technology

Ability to Segment your Audience

Create Multiple Video Funnels inside Video

Add Unlimited Interactive 3D Layers

Add Unlimited Personalized Buttons to your Videos

Add Unlimited Static Images on top of your Images

Add Unlimited Hotspots over your Videos

Add Unlimited Personalized Text over your Videos

Step by Step Video Tutorials

Advanced Tru Tracker Analytics Suite

Developers License - Sell Videos to Clients

Unlimited Interacts

Track your customers with Pinpoint Accuracy


To Your Awesome Success,

Saurabh Bhatnagar & Gaurav Madaan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q - Does IVS videos works on Mobile as well?

A - Yes IVS App videos are 100% Mobile compatible. The Videos works on all devices like a charm

Q - Can we track if IVS App has benefited our business?

A - Yes, you can, IVS app has a unique Tru Tracker technology with it’s built in pixel which helps to track conversions (sales or leads or any other clickable action) to give a clear picture of the profits it brings to the table.

Q - Is it easy to use?

A - Absolutely. Plus our step by step training makes it all easy for you to use it.

Q - Does IVS App has a money back guarantee?

A - IVS App comes with a 30 day technical money back guarantee, if you have any issues that their Dedicated Support team is not able to resolve. You will be refunded instantly.

Q - Will the launch discount end after this special launch?

A - Yes, this special discounted pricing is available only till launch. So if you are seeing this, you are just on time. Don't wait to get it, as the launch will get over any moment.