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Module 01 VSL Fundamentals

$97.00 Value
Before you even think about putting a video sales letter together you need to know the fundamentals to make sure your building your VSL on a solid foundation.

You'll discover why basic market research is NOT enough and exactly how you define who your ideal prospect really is.
This module will put you 150% in front of 90% of people in your market. When you do this you're better at selling to your market than most people and you'll already make more money, just by understanding this.
You'll learn:

You’ll learn:
  • How to find out who your core prospect is which gets you inside their head knowing what makes them tick so you can market to them more effectively.
  • How to identify and diagnose your customers problems to show you understand them in a deeply intimate and personal way so you can build trust and comfortability with them.
  • How to build a detailed customer avatar which gives you an embodiment of exactly who your ideal customer is so you can laser target your sales materials to them.
  • The specific strategies to discover the pain, problems, fears and desires of your prospects so they think your marketing message is sculpted solely to them.
  • And much, much more.

Module 02 Script Structure

$97.00 Value
Now that you have a solid foundation and know exactly what your prospects fears, problems, desires and frustrations are your going to learn how to write powerful sales video scripts that convert like crazy.

Sales copy for video is a science and I'll take you by the hand and walk you through process how to construct a sales video script that is guaranteed to turn cold prospects into hungry buyers.
You'll discover how to tell stories to engage your viewers to keep them glued to the screen and the physiological secrets that compel your viewers to want to buy what ever your offering them.

You'll learn:
  • The 3 critical components to displaying your VSL so you can get higher conversions right off the bat without having to spends months testing and tweaking like I did.
  • The 14-step script structure which gives you an easy step-by-step blueprint to follow to turn a cold prospect into a hungry buyer.
  • The 1 strategy to overcome objections and get people to buy that were 'sitting on the fence' so you don't lose out on any sales. (99% of VSL's don't do this!)
  • The secret method you can deploy in your script to actually make your prospects think they're getting one over on you by buying your product.
  • And much, much more.

Module 03 Video Production

$97.00 Value
In module 03 you will learn the secrets behind “Presentation Creation” as I take you by the hand and show you how to create engaging slideshow video's that will make you stand out from all the other marketers in your niche.

It doesn't matter if you use a Mac or a PC, I show you how to use both. You will learn all the ins and outs of getting the best audio and video quality when your recording that will really put you head and shoulders above the competition.
Again I'm going to give you everything you need so you can add this into your business as soon as possible.

You'll learn:
  • How to professionally record your audio for free so you can capture truly professional sounding audio that creates massive impact in your viewers mind.
  • How I create my own powerful presentations and slick slideshows so you can easily replicate them yourself.
  • I'll show you the quick and easy process for editing your videos – which is nowhere near as hard or complicated as most people think.
  • I'll show you how to do this using multiple different programs including PowerPoint for PC and Keynote for Mac so you can get started straight away.
  • And much, much more.

Module 04 Interactive Video Masterclass 

$97.00 Value
This module will teach you the different strategies and tactics to be able to fully utilise the IVS software to maximize video retention and conversion rates.
You’ll learn:
  • The different video intro options available to ‘divide and convert’ any prospect that hits your sales video.
  • The ‘lazy-man question gate' strategy we personally used on our sales page to maximise conversions in the shortest time with the least effort.
  • Advanced ‘opener & hook’ strategies to make sure the first introduction video you create for your IVS hooks people into the rest of the video.
  • How to use NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] pre-frames to subconsciously convince your views to take any call to action you want.
  • How to convert ‘cold’ traffic using interacts to be able to scale up   your business quicker and easier whilst out-converting everyone else in the marketplace.

Bonus Module 5 Swipe And Deploy Presentations

$97.00 Value
I'm going to give you access to the presentation slides and scripts of one of my highest converting videos sales letters.

You actually get two different presentations – one in the standard white background black text (ugly VSL style) and one in the 'evolution' style like in the sales video on this page.
The absolute cheapest price you can get one of these made in the style that your going to get is $400 and I'm giving you the presentation slides AND the script so you can swipe and deploy them in your own business. All you have to do is edit the text and your good to go.
  • The 'ugly VSL' (black text white background) style presentation that is pre-animated so all you have to do is edit the text and your good to go.
  • The 'evolution' version of the presentation which is animated in the same way as the sales video at the top of this page so you can save time because the animation presentation is already done for you.
  • The video sales letter script so you can see how I word my scripts to give you a better idea of how you can do it yourself.
  • You can even just edit parts of the script to make it fit with whatever your promoting to save you the time and hassle of making it yourself.

Bonus Module 6 Psychology, Influence & Persuasion

$97.00 Value
In this module your going to discover how to plant a seed into your prospects subconscious mind to influence and persuade them to carry out any call to action you want.

This is the stuff that only high paid copywriters and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) experts know and charge big bucks to teach.

You'll learn :
  • The 6 persuasion triggers which you can add into your video's (and other marketing materials) so you can really start to influence, persuade and tap into the minds of your prospects.
  • How to apply these principles specifically to sales videos so you can start using them straight away by copying my examples.
  • How to include E******* C******* into your marketing videos to subconsciously compel your viewers to take any call to action.
  • The best method to grab the attention of a viewer straight away to allow you to break their pattern and disarm their defences so you can slip in your sales messages 'under the radar' to get higher conversion.
  • How you can use S**** T****** to keep a viewer totally engaged in your video to keep them hooked to the very end.
  • And much, much more.
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  • VSL Fundamentals 

  • Script Structure

  • Video Production

  • Interactive Video Masterclass


  • Interactive 

    Swipe And Deploy Presentations

  • Psychology, Influence & Persuasion

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