Live Suite Pro covers all possible functionality you can think of to Leverage FB live for Business. Run Live Reaction Campaigns, News like Tickers, Send Auto Messages to people who comment, Run Live Videos In Premium Placeholders, Go live on your Multiple pages and groups simultaneously, Schedule Live Videos (Use as Webinar), Run FB Live Insider Premium Placeholders & Stream Pre Recorded Video as Live (OBS.)

Live Suite Pro

How Live Suite Pro Help Your Business?

  • Create Unlimited Buzz of your Facebook Live.
  • Get Hundreds and Thousands of New Customersto view your FB Live Daily for more Profits.
  • Get people waiting for your FB Live.
  • Send Notifications to Thousands of People about your LiveStream Engagement.
  • Send Unlimited Traffic to your any Offer.
  • Your Engagement will be 50 Times more Powerful  than Present.
  • Get Superior Brand Authority with High Class Template Aesthetics.
  • Automatic Messages to Convert more Leads into Buying Customers and lots more.

Live Suite Pro

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Live Suite Basic, Live Suite Pro



LiveSuitePro is the Only web based Live Video Marketing Suite that allows users the (#1) Ability to Schedule Live Videos (Use as Webinars), (#2) Send Auto Messages to people who comment, (#3) Show Live Real Time Reactions, (#4) Run Tickers, (#5) Run Live Videos In Premium Placeholders and (#6) Go live on your Multiple pages and groups simultaneously on Facebook!

  • Go Live at Unlimited Places (your Groups & Pages)
  • Auto Messages (1000 per month for 10 Pages)
  • 15 Templates of Ticker
  • Schedule Your Live Videos (50 per month)
  • 15 Premium Live Placeholder Templates
  • Standard Support